About me

Why did I make this blog?

To share recipes and food-related things with my friends, and perhaps make some new food friends.  One autumn day I realized I spent most of my time on FoodPorn Daily,  Tastespotting and FoodGawker, then sharing shots of our meals and recipes on facebook.  I realized a blog mightn’t be a better channel for my obsessive tendencies.

My husband and I live a happy low-key life in the southwest, with our dog and cat. We can’t have milk or cheese, and that has shaped a unique style of cooking for us – we’ll loosely call it partially dairy-free. We like to do a Meat-Free Monday, but so many vegetarian recipes rely on cream or cheese, and many vegan recipes are either unappetizing-looking or a flaming pain in the ass. So, we adapt and overcome. And sometimes come up with something that’s muy tasty, well. 

Who knows what direction this thing will take, or even if I’ll make it work. Cross your fingers for me, and leave a reply. Just remember Wheaton’s Law and know that, as my loving husband tells me, I talk like a longshoreman who can peel paint off the walls. If that bothers you, go visit another blog.

9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Dear Bucket of Yum,

    Totally jealous of your cooking skills! Love perusing your offerings and wish, on occasion, that I was the recipient of your cooking ego/skills. I know you’ve no interest is being “mainstream” or marching to the beat of someone elses drum, but a little less sailor talk could make your Yum Oasis a bit more welcoming.

    Jeep on doing what you’re doing.

    All the best!

    1. Well, thank you, Yom-Yom, both for your kinds words and your comment. I have to ask, are you fucking kidding me? My blog, my voice. Which uses fuck. A lot. Let me direct you to the best response ever about delicate readers’ vocabulary restriction needs (which I wish I had written, but did not): http://www.peopleiwanttopunchinthethroat.com/2014/12/the-best-hate-mail-i-received-this-week.html
      Would love to have you keep reading the Yum!
      All my best,

      1. By the way, I noticed that date on posts. Love the future!

        Have no fear, your sailor-like demeanor won’t stop me! from enjoying all the B-O-Y has to offer. Once a week is not enough! More! More! More! And i applaud you for finding some use for Pinterest,

        Keep on kicking ass and taking names.

        1. Thanks! Think of you every time I bake bread – tune in in two weeks!
          (loved the email address)

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