Carrot Salad with Ginger Clementine Vinaigrette

A carrot recipe! Just in time for Easter! 

Shredded carrot salad is my favorite – remember the one grandma used to make with mayonnaise and raisins?  Me, too.  This one is a little lighter, with some asian ingredients. 

Carrots, sesame, ginger. Yum.
Carrots, sesame, ginger. Yum.



This is pretty quick….as long as you have a Cuisinart.

Clementine Ginger Dressing

 This recipe makes a whole batch of dressing – it’s really good on a crispy lettuce salad with some chicken, or in a shredded broccoli salad.CarrotSalad3C


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Six months In: What Have I Gleaned About This Whole Thing?


Six months and 27 posts. What have I learned so far? I have awesome supportive friends. Traditional comfort foods get the most traffic: my top posts are banana bread and lentil soup. Tastespotting and Food Gawker generate the most traffic, followed by Facebook.  Good pictures matter. A lot. But not more than content.  Buy a photo book. Use a good camera. Use natural light.  Tastespotting and Foodgawker actually give you feedback on why your photo is rejected, which is fucking amazing and generous.  Nobody wants to leave a comment. Spammers leave tons of comments.  I feel like an imposter.  I am a droplet in an ocean of food blogs – not even a full drop –  and if I continue to do this I will be doing it for myself, because I can’t keep pimping out my friends. And, I still haven’t figured out if I want to do process shots or arty ingredient arrangements. I just know I like my dark wood table.  So, guess I’ll keep doing this until it’s no longer fun.

yes, do
Just like the fortune cookie said.

Roasted Greenbeans with Hazelnut Shallot Dressing

This month’s MOM bounty was green beans. And romas. But we’ll save them for another post. I blanched and froze a ton of those beans, and they were still staring at me. And I started to wonder how they’d taste roasted.  The answer is “pretty good”.



I hope you enjoy this recipe. I liked it best room temperature, and it was really good the next day. You could really chop this and toss it with some quinoa or orzo and have a lovely salad, too.

The Mr. DeMille shot.
The Mr. DeMille shot.


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Brownies. With Nuts.

Mmmm brownies

These are always a hit. A long time ago these started out as the cocoa brownies in  Betty Crocker’s Best of Baking, slowly evolving with some grown-up touches like Kahlua and some salt on top.  These are a quick and easy rich treat to be munched in a little over half an hour.  Just remember the Alton Brown sling when preparing the pan! (You remember that one, right? Where he uses parchment to line the bottom and go up the sides?)


You can almost make out the sugar and salt on top
Extreme close up to see the sugar and salt on top


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Socca: One More Thing off the Cooking Bucket List

Socca. I’ve always wanted to try it. 

So I finally did. 

The maiden voyage results...
The maiden voyage results…



This will be a quickie post – not a lot to it.  Got the recipe at Marmiton [link removed 6/1/24 – it is getting me spaminated]. Used a cast iron skillet in a 500* convection oven.

It was….fine.  And, btw, that cheese wedge is that new vegan brie-compatible,White Alder. It, too, was…fine. Had it not cost the week’s coffee money (since it is only available at Whole Paycheck), I might have been more impressed.  But, to be able to have a cheese-like substance in our house is a good thing.


Good for a quickie afternoon snack.
Good for a quickie afternoon snack.

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