See you in two weeks

We are off to soak up the cool Pacific breeze and eat seafood til we explode.


We’ll be back with something yummy mid-June. In the meantime, for some good cooking-related reading try this and get inspired by Bittman with this (although I think he’s wrong about the stand mixer.)


Cucumber Tomato Salad with Mint and Dill

Summer. It’s already here in the desert. 

Yeah, it’s hot. But it’s also bountiful produce season – with all the fantastic salad combinations that brings.



This is a six pieces of simple salad – some herbs, olive oil, lemon juice and diced cucumber, onion and tomato. Quick stir and you’re off to the picnic, park or pool.  Those gorgeous herbs and cuke are from Caravan Market, of course!


This one’s easy – give it a shot! Fortify it with some gorgeous oil-packed ventresco tuna, or a good feta and make it a meal.
Bon app├ętit!

Cucumber Tomato Herb Salad

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Blueberry Cheat-a-Granita, or Dessert in 60 Seconds



It was Mother’s Day dinner. I’d thought to skip dessert, since Bill is supposed to be avoiding sugar and flour and all that. But as we sat talking after our meal, it just felt weird without dessert. Then I remembered that HUGE bag of Costco blueberries in the freezer and thought of something I’m betting thousands have thought of before: run those fuckers through the food processor. Put Bill’s in a dish, and then do it again with some sugar for me and mom.  It was awesome – but the sugar was grainy, so it was time to refine.

When I redid it for this post, I thought I’d try it with my favorite liqueurs and some powdered sugar to avoid graininess.
BlueBerryGranita6medOut of the liqueur round, the Chambord won hands down. The Grand Marnier overpowered the berries.  But, honestly, I liked the powdered sugar the best. Although I bet a drizzle of Chambord topped with some sweetened whipped heavy cream….well, that will have to wait for another post.


It took longer to assemble the equipment than it did to make dessert. And, it keeps in the freezer if you make too much. Please try this – it’s a new favorite at our house.  Himself sprinkles on some Truvia, I sprinkle on some powdered sugar and it’s dessert all around.

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Pumpkin Coffee Cake Redux

It’s Mother’s Day weekend, and I just don’t feel like a full post. So, a blast from the past it is. This coffee cake from White on Rice is just amazing.  Office mates went gaga for this one. Maybe because it was real pumpkin from Willcox, roasted the day before? Don’t know – but you should make this . It’s really good. 


 Pumpkin Coffee CakePCC1BC



Mini Oven Omelettes …. (moo? really? yes.)

Mini Oven Omelette


Ah, the joys of getting old. Bill was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic, and had to make some major dietary changes.  Essentially eliminating sugars from his diet for six weeks, then he gets to slowly reintroduce them.  So, no more cereals for brekkie.

Thank goodness for the interwebs.  We’ve been experimenting with making little omelettes in a jumbo muffin pan.  Honestly, it’s been pretty awesome – a grab-n-go for workweek mornings. 

This week we have spinach, onion, bacon and tomato.  Hope you try it, and like it!
Spinach Bacon Tomato Omelettes


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