Brown Sugar Walnut Pecan Cookies

Does this thought cross your mind ever when you eat chocolate chip cookies with nuts, “God, this would be so good with no chocolate chips?”  I found this awesome recipe online, and it was quite the hit.

Brown sugar nutty goodness

The folks at the office gobbled these up and sang their praises.   It’s time for treatses, mofos. Let’s do this!

Not too sweet, with that salty finish!


 Oh, yeah, baby. Give me some of that.
Can't resist....


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Swiss Chard Polenta Tourte


Creamy, sweet, chewy, nutty. The best of everything.
Creamy, sweet, chewy, nutty. The best of everything.

I am obsessed with cashew cream.  Having been dairy-deprived for so long, the ability to have creamy sauces with that rich mouth feel makes me so fucking happy I could danse.  So, I saw this lovely spinach polenta tart on Tastespotting or Foodgawker, and really wanted to try it.  Then, when we went provisioning and Sprouts had this gorgeous rainbow chard, I knew it was a done deal.

This is recipe isn’t hard, but it does have a couple steps.  I made it on a Monday night, but it totally lends itself to doing part one night (the polenta and the onions for example), and then finishing it the next.

Bon appetit – and by the way, just the chard was fantastic on its own. I could have eaten the whole damn pan. By myself.


A couple stages, but sooooo tasty.


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Cucumber, Carrot & Jicama Salad

Do you go through phases where you just want to eat the same thing all the time? This may surprise you, but I am currently fixated on carrots. Specifically shredded carrots.  My friend Karen introduced me to this one fantastic Lao/Thai dish a long time ago – green papaya salad. It is scrumptious, and was the inspiration for Carrot Salad #2.  



This was quick and easy. Now I just wish I had some sticky rice.


 For the carrots and the jicama, I used that blue doodad in the pic above – I got it for a couple bucks at the asian market.  It shreds – but the shreds are triangular in the cross section, and you can make them as long as you want – a longer carrot or stroke of the tool makes a longer shred. It’s pretty cool – I was totally stoked when Karen told me about that puppy. Oh, and this recipe has fish sauce. You could leave it out, but you’ll be sad. You don’t taste the fish, promise, unless you’re like a super sniffer or pregnant or otherwise olfactorily enhanced. And, I totally cheated on the dressing and just used some sweet chili sauce with the lime juice and fish sauce.  


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Cupcakes. Chocolate, of course.




Do you dream of chocolate? I do.  I love Ina’s chocolate cake recipe, but it just never works as cupcakes for me. The palette is too small for the bold, airy structure of that cake.  So this necessitated a quest for a good chocolate cupcake.  These were tasty.  My only complaint is the glaze is too hard, and slicing in to it smooshes the cake. But hey, if that’s ya got to complain about…..
Bon ap├ętit, tout le monde. 

Cupcake2BCOther than a different-sized cupcake liner a little sliced strawberry garnish, these are just a food network recipe. But honestly, they stayed moist for days.  And the glaze is a double batch of this. 

Give ’em a shot – pretty tasty stuff.