Cupcakes. Chocolate, of course.




Do you dream of chocolate? I do.  I love Ina’s chocolate cake recipe, but it just never works as cupcakes for me. The palette is too small for the bold, airy structure of that cake.  So this necessitated a quest for a good chocolate cupcake.  These were tasty.  My only complaint is the glaze is too hard, and slicing in to it smooshes the cake. But hey, if that’s ya got to complain about…..
Bon apétit, tout le monde. 

Cupcake2BCOther than a different-sized cupcake liner a little sliced strawberry garnish, these are just a food network recipe. But honestly, they stayed moist for days.  And the glaze is a double batch of this. 

Give ’em a shot – pretty tasty stuff. 



Author: Karen Maginnis

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