Mini Oven Omelettes …. (moo? really? yes.)

Mini Oven Omelette


Ah, the joys of getting old. Bill was recently diagnosed as pre-diabetic, and had to make some major dietary changes.  Essentially eliminating sugars from his diet for six weeks, then he gets to slowly reintroduce them.  So, no more cereals for brekkie.

Thank goodness for the interwebs.  We’ve been experimenting with making little omelettes in a jumbo muffin pan.  Honestly, it’s been pretty awesome – a grab-n-go for workweek mornings. 

This week we have spinach, onion, bacon and tomato.  Hope you try it, and like it!
Spinach Bacon Tomato Omelettes


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Author: Karen Maginnis

3 thoughts on “Mini Oven Omelettes …. (moo? really? yes.)

  1. Hi there!

    I’d love to feature your recipe in an upcoming article for Life by Daily Burn ( The recipe and photo would be credited to you, and we would link back here for the recipe itself. Would this usage be OK?


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