2014’s Top Four Recipes

Those lemon scones were the belle of the ball!
Those lemon scones were the belle of the ball!

Here they are:

Lemon Pistachio Vanilla Scones

Carrot Salad with Ginger Clementine Vinaigrette

Banana Nut Bread

Bacon and Tomato Mini Oven Omelettes

It’s been a very busy year. Fifty-ish posts. Three major hacking incidents; I actually had to get our hosting service to restore an old copy of the site in December because the hack was so insidious. I almost threw in the towel after that, but eventually decided some cowardly anonymous dickweed is not going to spoil my fun. One of the articles (oven omelettes!) got picked up by another site. Exciting times! (Thanks, Kate!) In the coming year, I want to improve my photographs, master more of the tech of the platform, and get comments to my posts.  Even with those goals, I still wonder every day why I do this. Where do I see this going? The medium is super saturated; do I really have something unique to offer? I have a love/hate relationship with you, Yum. Many are the times I am so excited with an idea for a post, and yet sometimes I resent having to come up with one. But that feels pretty normal, honestly, and the fun still outweighs the work. So, away we go in 2015. 

Anybody else out there blogging? Why do you do it? What keeps you going?

Author: Karen Maginnis

6 thoughts on “2014’s Top Four Recipes

  1. Wow – you have been so disciplined! I am very impressed. I am having a harder time. I have ideas all the time and the execution just doesn’t happen most of the time. It makes me sad because I do enjoy it. Keep up the good work – I really wanna makes those scones. If I lived near you, I’d be making you teach me techy stuff 😉

    1. Do you keep them in your head, or do you have a note taking system or app where you can work on them? Like, Evernote or something?

  2. You know what I like about your blog and your cooking? One, I like seeing what you make on a sort of everyday basis – maybe we see more of that on plain old Facebook, but it’s cool to see all the things you’re up to just because. Your baking is always inspirational, and you do some really amazing substitutions or unique creations for special diets. Everything always looks so delicious and beautiful, even the ones that you seem to think are kind of failures!

    And two, along those lines, I really like how you write about the process. Sometimes I feel ridiculous because it takes a lot of impromptu substitutions for me to get through a recipe for some reason, so it’s nice to have the sort of stream of consciousness style to the posts that makes me know I’m not always alone. It’s also really cool to see how you think about the recipes because it helps me learn more about what makes them work. And for some reason, some of your recipe shorthand tickles me, I guess maybe because I’ve only ever seen them used in my family before and I didn’t know other people used them!

    In summary, I love the blog, but I’m really glad I also get to see your personal Facebook posts, because there’s a lot more good stuff over there too. If you did a blog post for everything you photograph and mention on Facebook, you’d probably have no time for anything else, but it would be amayyyyzzzing.

    1. Katy – you’ve got me a little verklempt. Thank you for such a thoughtful post! Especially about the process – glad to know that I’m not alone, either!

  3. And also, it’s a really cool way to document your progress as a photographer. I love the light and color quality of the photos on this blog. Glad you’re not letting the internet a-holes keep you down.

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