Baklava, and why not!

I usually go nuts with the cookies for Christmas. Make dozens and dozens. Ship them off to friends and family. But this year, I just wasn’t feeling the cookie love. We tried some candied orange peel (delicious!), and then when I was at Caravan the Force of the Baklava was too strong to resist.  Of course, the problem with that is that there is now half a tray of baklava in the house…..




This is just AB’s recipe, basically. Except I skip the almonds and use 9oz ea pistachios and walnuts. Oh, and use orange blossom water instead of rose. This is one of those things like cheesecake – people ooh and aah, and it’s really a simple simple thing to make. It just has a lot of steps, but they’re not impossible complicated ones. 

Thaw the fillo:



Whiz the nuts, spices and sugar in the robot:



 Brush the layers with butter, and put in some of the nut mix every few layers:


 Remembering to bless each layer with some orange blossom water

Score the tops, bake:

baklava7Make the syrup


Pour it over the cooked pastry, garnish with more chopped nuts and let it soak up the syrup for 8+ hours




God, I love this stuff. Crunchy, nutty, buttery, sweet, exotic with orange blossom. Yum.


 Alton Brown’s recipes are always awesome – give it a try. You will become very popular.

Author: Karen Maginnis

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